We all know the frustration of trying to focus on getting work done while surrounded by clutter. That nagging feeling that the missing ingredient must be buried somewhere in the back. The fatigue of sorting out each time from scratch where all the pieces should go after playtime. The joy of inviting others to our home is tinged with a mild dread of having to figure out the quickest path to a semblance of order before the guests arrive, and there’s no doubt as to the consequences of a messy environment on our stress levels...

The Oasis Co. provides space improvement and professional organising services for your home, office or business, with a focus on your wellbeing and regard for your personal taste. With efficiency and minimal intrusion on your busy schedule we use best-practice techniques to plan, design, procure equipment, declutter, sort, organise and transform your space.

We believe in an environment where it is easy to function, fun to interact, and a pleasure to be. Your oasis will be a product of boundless attention to detail, with every aspect thoughtfully chosen and crafted aesthetically.


We have made it our life’s mission to create beautiful spaces that generate a sigh of relief.

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I'm Shiran

Oasis Seeker & Creater.

I have always loved pretty and organised things that transform a physical space. That green plant in the corner of a dull office, the hand-made woven fruit basket in the kitchen, the colour-coordinated clothes of a little girl. I'm drawn to order in all aspects of life, and believe the details make a huge difference.

In the last 8 years, I have lived in Australia, Hong Kong, London and Israel. Transporting my whole life, and two little girls, between continents, cities and homes made me adept at setting up welcoming places from scratch. It also taught me to let go of things and focus on memories and moments.

How an Oasis is born...


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Oasis design


Procure solution aids, Declutter, Sort


Organise, Beautify, Style, Guide & Coach

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